Onyinye’s book tells the tale of her journey as a black dyslexic woman. Onyinye was formally  diagnosed with dyslexia aged 11 after many years of struggling with her spelling and  reading. Whilst the diagnosis brought her parents and herself comfort because they finally  knew what her challenges are and how to combat them, the diagnosis also created an  unbearable sense of anxiety for Onyinye. After 4 years of Neurolinguistic Programming and  extensive support from teaching and learning support professionals whilst at school, Onyinye grew to know that dyslexia is her superpower. She strongly believes that had she  been shown someone who looks a bit more like her who also has dyslexia, her confidence  would have grown which would have propelled her to greater success.  

This book is being written with the intention of inspiring present and future generations of  all backgrounds that neurodivergence is something to be celebrated and not hidden. It is  also being written to educate the readers of the challenges and great powers that come  with dyslexia. Onyinye also wants this book to carry a sense of utility; she will include her  writing and productivity hacks, which she hopes will help others create their own destiny.  

Title and book cover coming soon…


Onyinye believes strongly in the power of storytelling. Being dyslexic means that it is not always convenient for her to read the stories of incredible people she admires. In a bid to increase accessibility, Onyinye is developing a new video podcast where she will be interviewing people from all walks of life. These interviews will draw out a wide range of stories that Onyinye hopes will inspire and uplift people. She also hopes that this podcast will encourage viewers and listeners to share their own personal stories unapologetically. More information on the podcast coming soon. 

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