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Google As ClientMicrosoft As ClientMarriott As ClientAccess As ClientFT As ClientIMEX As ClientAYOA As ClientRaconteur As ClientLazard As ClientPurple Goat As ClientCity of London As ClientLinkedin As ClientHachette As ClientLondon Stock Exchange As ClientUnicef As ClientEastbourne CollegeClayesmoreCANFORDAsanaKingsmeadBBC4

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Onyinye Udokporo is a multi-hyphenate in the workplace. After starting her first business aged 12 which is now known as Enrich Learning. Onyinye built her portfolio career as a serial entrepreneur, educator, dyslexic author, neurodiversity consultant, content creator and international public speaker. To find out more about Onyinye's career, visit the about page.


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ForbesBBCStartups MagazineThe TimesThe VoiceSENBusiness LeaderBAORaconteur As Client

Dyslexia and Me

In this book, rising star entrepreneur Onyinye Udokporo shares her story of growing up dyslexic in a society where neurodivergence was always presented as a white male issue. Onyinye discusses her experience of being diagnosed at 11 years old, starting a business the following year, gaining a scholarship to a prestigious boarding school and going on to complete two degrees by the age of 22, while also being honest about the difficulties she faced throughout including with bullying and anxiety. She shares the tips she picked up over the years for thriving with dyslexia and the strategies she used to overcome her difficulties in reading and writing well, staying organised and speaking with confidence. Illuminating wider issues of systemic racism in the educational sector and providing a timely reminder that dyslexia can be found in any community and culture, this is an empowering story of surviving and thriving in the face of adversity.
Published: Sep 21 2022
Pages: 208212 x 134mm
ISBN: 9781787759442

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Dyslexic Author

The Onyinye Udokporo ‘Pay It Forward’ Initiative in collaboration with Next Gen - Pensions

When Tannaz Rastegar and Karen Quinn approached me to speak at this year’s NextGen - Pensions Conference, I was thrilled because Neurodiversity is not given the attention it needs in the financial sector, more specifically the Pensions sector. Neurodivergent people face significant financial challenges including but not limited to:

  • Having trouble remembering to pay their bills on time.
  • Spending impulsively.
  • Procrastinating when it comes to non-preferred financial tasks, like budgeting
  • Having trouble understanding complex financial planning which includes planning for their pensions.

I am passionate about creating a more neuro-inclusive world and speaking at this conference is an opportunity for me to do so. In order to help the NextGen - Pensions Conference team to continue to do their good work, I pledge to ‘pay it forward’ and donate 20% of my earnings for up to five Neurodiversity awareness and/or training sessions purchased by organisations that have attended this year’s conference.

As it currently stands, NextGen - Pensions is run entirely by volunteers. Experts like me give our time and knowledge to the conference freely in a bid to promote equity in the Pensions sector. This is an excellent thing to do but I want to take things a step further by helping NextGen - Pensions have extra funding that can be used to give people, who like me, come from under-served backgrounds and cannot always afford to offer their expertise free of charge.

Real equity recognises that under-served communities need additional resources and opportunities in order for an equal outcome to be reached. Simply put, those who are starting on the back foot should be given a hand up.

Paying it forward will enable the NextGen - Pensions team the chance to offer an honorarium to next year’s participants. This paying it forward initiative is how real, sustainable equity is created.

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Enrich Learning

Onyinye started tutoring from her parent’s living room aged 12 and founded Enrich Learning in 2018.  Enrich Learning is an online education platform that puts students at the centre of their learning. Our online classes and one to one lessons are taught by quality, vetted and experienced tutors. We provide virtual group online tuition classes and extracurricular activities at the UK’s most affordable rates!

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Enrich Learning
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It has been a great pleasure working with Onyinye through the Civic Leadership Academy. It's clear to see that Onyinye has a genuine interest in social mobility and ensuring that students from under-represented backgrounds are able to effectively navigate situations that will affect their future opportunities. Through the Civic Leadership Academy, Onyinye delivered a LinkedIn session to 50 Civic Scholars who will be starting an internship this summer. Her manner of presentation was engaging, and accessible to all learners and since her session, it has been fantastic to see how engaged students have been with LinkedIn, it definitely boosted their confidence! For those looking to deliver a similar session, I strongly recommend touching base with Onyinye!

Project Manager, Civic Leadership Academy at King's College London


Ambitious, talented and a great networker are some of the words that come to mind when I think about Onyinye. I first met Onyinye through a student focus group that I had orgainsed for the Civic Leadership Academy. From our first conversation it became clear that Onyinye had a real passion for education and social mobility. Since meeting Onyinye, she has contributed to CLA's leadership curriculum by delivering a personal branding LinkedIn session to a cohort of 50 Civic Scholars, and has gone above and beyond to connect me with incredible leaders across London! As a result of Onyinye's contributions, our cohort of Civic Scholars actively post their successes on LinkedIn, and have created a Civic Leadership Academy LinkedIn group to share resources and opportunities with one another. Onyinye earns my highest recommendation for facilitating sessions and would truly be an asset to any team or organisation!

Access Officer, at University College London


“My session with Onyinye was incredible, she is so switched on, and she talks clearly and plainly, without any corporate jargon. Her marketing brain is so sharp that she immediately understood what I needed her help for, and how to get me where I needed to be. For someone who is shy about self-promotion, I was so hesitant, but Onyinye made the concept of branding and marketing myself seem really accessible and doable, and maybe even fun! I thoroughly recommend her."

Phoebe Wynne (Author)