Partnership example: is a platform that delivers a dynamic, AI-enhanced learning experience, bringing you the most relevant content exactly when you need it. Onyinye is a one of their neurodiversity consultants and she creates video content that helps learner shave a greater understanding of what neurodiversity is and how best to create a neuro-inclusive environment for your neuro divergent employees.

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Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Onyinye has over 16 years of public speaking experience. After starting her public speaking career at the age of 9, Onyinye has mastered the art of holding the audience in her hands as well conveying a very powerful message. Onyinye likes to strike a balance of humour whilst being emotive. If you’re looking for a captivating thought leader to engage your audience, look no further. Onyinye will not disappoint.

  1. Keynote Speaker
  2. Panel Speaker
  3. Presenter/Host 
  4. Virtual Sessions/ Digital Lunch & Learn
  5. Workshops (Virtual or In Person)
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Content Creation & Brand Deals

Onyinye has worked with a wide range of brands helping them to market themselves. Her focus is on working with brands to showcase their accessibility and inclusivity. Onyinye also works with brands to produce educational content both in schools and the workplace. Here is an example of a brand campaign Onyinye did with LinkedIn. This campaign was advertised on Instagram and amassed over 1.2million views. In this successful campaign Onyinye speaks about how people can upskill themselves in the workplace.  

Onyinye also works with brands to produce Learning & Development content for employers who would like their employees to build their skill set via e-learning.

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Content Creation and Brand Deals
Podcasting and Radio

Podcasting & Radio

Invite Onyinye onto your podcast and/or radio show to discuss all things Neurodiversity, Education and Entrepreneurship. Onyinye is also a fantastic Podcast Host and is open to taking bookings to host existing shows.

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  1. One to One Power Hour: A one to one session with Onyinye where she is open to discuss and provide on how to build a personal brand, building a portfolio career, entrepreneurship and general careers advice.
  1. Neurodiversity Policy Clinic: This session is for anyone who is in need of support when developing the neurodiversity and/or neuro inclusion policy in their organisation. This can either be a one to one session or block sessions can be booked. 
  1. Start-Up Founders One to One Support: Onyinye is very aware of the challenges that come with being a Neuro divergent Entrepreneur and these sessions are here to help you. These sessions will also be useful if you’re a neurotypical founder and you’d like to learn more about how you can adequately support your neuro divergent colleagues. 
  1. Neurodiversity Assessments (For School SENDCOs & in the Workplace): Onyinye and her team can support your school/workplace with SEND Assessments. If you’re in need of a SEND assessor, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 
  1. Neuro-inclusive Branding & Marketing Consulting: Inclusive marketing and brand building has never been more important. Onyinye teaches brands how to build their brands and adverts in a neuro-inclusive way in a bid to help them reach a wider range of customers. 
  1. Parent Support & Consultations: Are you in need of expert advice for your child? Perhaps you need assistance with speaking to your child’s school. Do you need someone to help you make sense of your child’s school report? Contact us to book a session with Onyinye.

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Big Projects

Big Projects

Example: Neu Project

Onyinye is one of Google’s Neurodiversity Consultants and has worked with a number of big tech as well as corporate organizations on the development and delivery of projects centred on Neurodiversity as well as, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion more generally.

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School Visits or Presentations

Onyinye has 5+ years experience of going into schools and hosting a wide range of sessions/presentations/talks. Pupils find Onyinye’s story refreshing, empowering and uplifting. Onyinye speaks on a wide range of topics from Careers to Neurodiversity and more specifically Dyslexia empowerment. One of her flagship talks ‘Taking Dyslexia from pain to power’ was featured on BBC World News in 2023. Onyinye can be booked to deliver one session or for an entire school day which will include smaller group sessions.

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School Visits
Book Signings and Fireside Chats

Book Signings & Fireside Chats

Onyinye is available to attend events and sign copies of her books. She is also open to hosting fireside chats and intimate discussions about the content of the book. To buy large quantities of her book, please do get in touch with us as a discounted price is available. 

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