Onyinye Udokporo is an author, entrepreneur, educator, public speaker, and pioneer of social mobility. Onyinye is deeply passionate about education and began her tuition business Enrich Learning, aged 12. With the moral support of her parents, Onyinye began to provide the most affordable tuition in London from her parent’s living room. Having seen how education helped her climb the ladder, she was eager to give others access to the same or even better chances as her. In 2018, she won two scholarships to study at Tsinghua University in Beijing where she studied online education. Following that trip, Onyinye came back to London and independently created an online education platform and tuition centre. She recognised that there is a need for a community to be built for parents, carers, and guardians as well as students to ensure that young people and children alongside adults can have the greatest access to opportunity in the education sector.

Having been a tutor for over 10 years, Onyinye wanted to delve deeper into the world of Education and completed a postgraduate degree at King’s College London in Education, Policy and Society MA. She curated and conducted research on the urban digital divide during the COVID-19 pandemic. Her research paper achieved a distinction and has heavily influenced her approach to the development of Enrich Learning. Onyinye has begun writing her first book which will inform readers of her journey as a black dyslexic woman. The book also includes her productivity and writing hacks. Onyinye was formally diagnosed with dyslexia aged 11 and whilst she had incredible support from parents and teachers, she found coming to terms with the diagnosis challenging. Onyinye is aware of the lack of diversity in the world of neurodivergence and is keen to be a visible dyslexia advocate for everyone regardless of their colour, creed and/or circumstance.

As well as having a voice on paper, Onyinye enjoys public speaking and has had the privilege of delivering historic speeches. In 2019 she was the inaugural guest speaker at the City of London Lord Mayor’s Election Ceremony – an event that has taken place for over 800 years. Onyinye has spoken internationally about education, entrepreneurship and social mobility at schools, universities, and conferences.

Her interests include cooking, politics, Nigerian history, fitness and travel.

Powerlist Media & Rare Rising Star

- Top 150 Future Leader - Powerlist Media
- Rare Rising Star in partnership with University of Oxford & University of Cambridge
- Top 10 Black Student in the UK, 2020.

Betty Wood Prize

Winner of the Betty Wood Prize which is awarded annually to the final year BA student in Religious Studies, taking into account their examination results and contribution to King’s College London, 2019.

Kings College London, Tsinghua University & Kings Professional Skills

- Winner of the Inaugural King’s College London Student of the Year Award

- Winner of the Tsinghua University Experience & King’s Summer Scholarship

- King’s Professional Skills & Leadership Award

Christ’s Hospital Presenteeship

Awarded the first Christ’s Hospital Presenteeship by The Worshipful Company of Tylers and Bricklayers