A letter to my future self
Onyinye Udokporo

I’ve set up an automated email which will send this letter to me in 2 years on my 25th birthday. 

Dear Onyinye, 

Happy birthday to you! The world considers 25 to be some sort of milestone, as always, I know you’ll have planned an extravagant birthday month. Putting that aside, I hope you have not succumbed to the pressures of manmade achievements that you’re meant to have obtained by 25. If you’re single, still living at home and haven’t 100% figured out what your career trajectory looks like, that is okay. All that truly matters is that you’re happy and healthy. The most important thing is self-fulfilment – if you’ve got that, everything else will fall into place. In case you’ve forgotten, you have exceeded all expectations, including those that you’ve set for yourself. You should be immensely proud, and you must keep on going.

I trust that you’ve been working on your hidden traumas and found ways to combat anxiety. I know that it is something that you have been ashamed of, but you must remember that everyone has a challenge that they need to overcome. I don’t expect you to be in a bad place with the anxiety but if you are, remember to get help. If needs be, press pause on any projects, take a step back and realign your focus. Don’t forget to make use of your life coach and make your NLP sessions a priority. 

I know you’re a goal setter which is good however, you must remember to be realistically optimistic. Take small steps to meet big goals. Part of that goal setting must include delegation. Note down this reminder: having effective control over your life means letting those who are best placed in your life do the tasks that you don’t need to be focusing on. If at this point in time you’re still playing the role of ‘jack of all trades’, stop this immediately. If you don’t, you’ll burn out. You’ve been there and worn the t-shirt, you do not need to wear it again. 

You don’t need to be told this because you always keep it real but there is no harm in reminding you to stay true to yourself. As you climb the ladder of life you will be offered so many opportunities. Not every opportunity will be right for you – and that’s okay!

Remember that at the centre of your purpose is service to and for others. I’m not telling you to self-sacrifice, but I am instructing to think about whether what you’re doing now will help not just yourself but those around you. Do not let anything or anyone take you away from fulfilling your service centred purpose. All your success has been built by your community, for your community and you must not forget that.

Lastly, whenever you’re in doubt of your ability (knowing you, feelings of doubt linger for longer than is necessary) tell yourself

With all my love,

Onyinye xx