Lord Mayor Election
Day Speech 2019

4 years ago, I stood in this very room, dressed like yourselves, in a Tudor style, costume like school uniform. I was eagerly waiting for my largesse, which the Lord Mayor at the time, encouraged us to keep as a memory of our visit to the Guildhall. Unknown to the Lord Mayor, until now of course, I spent my largesse on a huge of bag of utterly satisfying sweets at the Christ’s Hospital school tuck shop. I was a pupil at Christ’s Hospital from 2009-2016. It goes without saying that those were some of the happiest years of my life! Moving from London to West Sussex took a lot of getting used to. When I first arrived, aged 11, I asked my parents where the nearest tube station was. They simply laughed in response. My time at the school helped me to become immune to the smell of cow dung and I grew to love being dressed like something out of Harry Potter. All jokes aside, Christ’s Hospital gave me the best education any child could ask for.

I grew up in Edmonton, North London. Those of you who know of it, will be aware of its unfortunate reputation. I like to think of it as a place with masses of potential but little inspiration. I was a bright child and my parents were keen for me to have good secondary schooling. When they found out about Christ’s Hospital, they were excited but also worried about how they would pay the school fees. Nonetheless, I sat the entrance exams and passed. Following this, to my parents’ surprise, we were approached by the Bishop of London, the Right Rev. Richard Chartres who told my family and I that he had chosen me to be the first presentee for the Worshipful Company of Tylers and Bricklayers. This meant that the Tylers and Bricklayers would make a significant contribution to my school fees enabling me to have what really was a first-class education. I cannot tell you why Rev Chartres picked me to be the presentee, perhaps it was something of a divine intervention.

What I can tell you is that Christ’s Hospital really did change my life for the better and exposed me to the somewhat mysterious world of the City of London. From a young age I had been fortunate enough to attend various City events which exposed me to world that I could only dream of. The black-tie dinners were a good replacement for my student meal deals but more importantly, the strong sense of giving back to your community is a life lesson that I have learnt from my interaction with various Liveryman. Following my time at Christ’s Hospital, I continued my education and have completed my undergraduate degree in Religion, Politics and Society; I am currently completing a postgraduate degree in Education, Policy and Society at King’s College London.

Whilst there, I received the first ever student of the year award and have learnt the importance of using my voice and privilege to make a difference. I would not have come this far without the support of The Livery. My engagement with The Livery has given me an education in the widest sense possible. As well as providing me with a first-class education, it has also given me life skills. With mentorship from the Town Clerk, I was inspired to set up my own education business, Enrich Learning. With that I have taught in various countries across the world and helped hundreds of young people maximise their potential. At times it has been challenging but the encouragement from different Liverymen has given me the confidence to believe that anything and everything is possible. Education is one of the most powerful tools in the world. With your support, I received an education that helped me break barriers and create positive change. I urge you all to continue to support education initiatives and help another child the same way you helped me. With the support of The Livery we can inspire and empower a generation of young people. We can create future world leaders.​

Thank You.