Onyinye has been passionate about education, since she was a child and started her own tuition business aged 12. Onyinye’s ultimate goal is to increase access to opportunity using education as a tool. Aged 18, she founded Enrich Learning, an online education platform and tuition. In 2020, Onyinye completed a postgraduate degree in Education, Policy and Society. In the middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic she independently conducted research on the urban digital divide and the impact it was having on the access to education for children and young people. Her paper entitled, ‘The Urban Digital Divide: What do parents need to support the education of their children in a time of crisis’, was awarded a distinction and was received by the U.K. Prime Minister’s Office. She also researched extensively the topic of parental engagement and is using her findings to build products and services that will help to improve parental engagement rates in education and schooling. Onyinye provides consultations to clients who want to take their educational institution to the next level. She instigates change and has helped the most underserved young people attend the best schools in the U.K. with her intervention. Contact Onyinye to find out more about her education consultation services.