Getting to know Onyinye Udokporo
onyinye udokporo
Hi there! Welcome to my blog – a safe space for all where I’ll be giving you an insight into my life, my thoughts and my passions. A good place to start is with an introduction. I’m Onyinyewchukwu Jakirichi Ekpereamaka Chiatuogo Udokporo and I'm very happy for you all to call me - Onyinye.

(pronounced: O-nin-yay)

A letter to my future self 
onyinye udokporo
I’ve set up an automated email which will send this letter to me in 2 years on my 25th birthday. 

Dear Onyinye, Happy birthday to you! The world considers 25 to be some sort of milestone, as always, I know you’ll have planned an extravagant birthday month. Putting that aside, I hope you have not succumbed to the pressures of manmade achievements that you’re meant to have obtained by 25.